Pugerudes has been owned and operated by the same family since 1957.  Always located in Kent, and always focused on custom window coverings.  Our experience and depth of knowledge assures that you will always be served by someone with your interests in heart.

It is our desire to make sure you have a beautiful and comfortable home, and we know that  window coverings contribute to your homes appeal and value.  We realize you have have a choice when it comes to window coverings, so we aim to make your experience enjoyable and your decision one that you can be proud of.

Our Story

In 1957 Edna Pugerude, a widow with three boys, along with her oldest son Bill decided to make a full time job out of something she was already proficient at into a full time business and career.  She was encouraged by her sister-in-law to visit a drapery shop in Portland to check out a unique style of drapery.  It was called Beauty-Pleat. and although it is no longer in vogue it was a style that many homemakers in the late fifties and throughout the sixties just had to have!  Edna took on that line of product, and never really looked back.

Edna and Bill used a converted chicken coop to begin making draperies in the back of their small Kent home.  As word spread, and the need for more space became paramount so they moved to different locations over the next 20 years – but always in Kent.  They settled in 1980 into the stores current location and even though the location quit moving, the styles and desires of the consumer did not.

Edna retired in 1979, about the same time the popularity BeautiPleat was waning, while Bill along with his wife Glenda continued the operation.  Consumer tastes changed over time and blinds and shades became the preferred window covering of homeowners.  As a result of the changing market we employee fewer seamstress than in the early days but continue with the one of a kind custom window treatments that some of our clients still prefer.  Bill and Glenda’s expertise expanded beyond just just custom drapery, as they became proficient in helping consumers with blinds, shades, and shutters.

By 2001 Bill and Glenda were ready to retire and their daughter Jill and her husband Dave were ready to take over.  The market since 2001 has continued to evolve.  Having survived the “Great Recession” of 2008 Jill and Dave continue to serve clients with quality window covering solutions that they hope bring joy to homeowners.