Jill Kramer of Pugerudes Design Team in Kent, Washington (WA)

Jill Kramer

Jill is our lead designer.  As a third-generation owner of Pugerudes, Jill grew up in the design and drapery business and has a design degree from the Art Institute of Seattle. She has over 30 years of experience finding solutions for unique windows, finding economical solutions for the budget conscious and beautiful solutions for our clients with discerning tastes.  We have many designers that rely on Jill as their window coverings expert.  Jill is respectful of our clients’ time and is able to help them treat their windows beautifully and creatively.

Warmth and comfort best describe Jill’s design style, as she believes your home should be a place where you are totally at ease and comfortable surroundings make that possible.  The right selection of colors and fabrics creates an environment that puts your mind and heart at ease.  Jill will help you choose fabrics, furnishings and accessories that will allow you to slow down and enjoy time in your home with your loved ones.

Personally Jill has two young adult children, one still in college. To stay fit these days, she enjoys the challenge of hot yoga. Cooking for friends and family remains an important part of her life and with a semi empty nest, she is regularly experimenting in the kitchen.

David Kramer

After a career in the Data and Telecom industry, Dave joined his wife at Pugerudes in 2001.  His responsibilities include installation, service calls, marketing and making sure we pay all the bills!!  He is kind of a ‘jack of all trades’ around the shop – which is what happens when you are a small business owner, you have to wear lots of different hats all at the same time.

His favorite thing to hear from customers is “I Love It!” which he gets to hear upon completion of many of our jobs.  Over the years, he has encountered lots of difficult and unusual situations for installing window treatments; including climbing up a 26’ scaffolding to install a skylight shade in a church sanctuary, having to hover over stairs to get at hard to reach windows and transporting product to a third story balcony because they were too big to get through doors or the elevators.

When not caught up in projects at work, Dave likes to stay fit with regular visits to the gym. He cherishes his time with his kids, even though they are busy establishing a life of their own. Hikes in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter are newfound joys.

David Kramer of Pugerudes Design Team in Kent, Washington (WA)