Window Covering Motorization

Options for One Window or Entire Home

Pugerudes provides many solutions for automatic operation of your home’s window coverings. With a store located in Kent, we have helped homeowners from Seattle to Bellevue to Federal Way with their window covering motorization needs.

Whether you need shades for hard-to-reach windows or looking to upgrade several rooms to motorized coverings, we’ll find a solution to fit your budget and situation.  From honeycomb shades to Silhouettes to vertical blinds to shutters, we carry many products from Hunter Douglas and other manufacturers that will accomplish your goals.

Whole home solution from PowerView®

Thanks to PowerView® Motorization from Hunter Douglas, you can now easily control window coverings in your home from 1 remote or your smartphone or tablet.  The PowerView® system lets you customize window coverings for your ideal settings for privacy, light, warmth or mood throughout your entire home.

Window coverings may be operated individually or you may group them together in a Room or create various Scenes, such as a ‘Good Morning Scene’ where coverings are opened at sunrise.  You have the ability to generate many specific combinations to accommodate changing light and privacy needs throughout the day.

PowerView® Hub Kit and App

The real power comes from the app as it unlocks the full potential of the motorization system. Once you assign each window covering to a Room, you have the ability to set up multiple combinations for each Room or create Scenes that schedule coverings to automatically open at sunrise and close at dusk or at a set time.

You can personalize coverings for your ideal light, privacy, temperature or security settings for different times of the day so if you want filtered light in the afternoon, you can program a Scene for that specific setting.  If you want full light in the kitchen while eating breakfast, you can create a Breakfast scene.

That’s the beauty of the PowerView® Hub kit and app- it puts you in total control so you can craft your own unique settings.  The Hub Kit has all the components needed to let your window coverings ‘talk’ to the app so you can control them.  Pugerudes will install your system so you don’t need to worry about all the technical stuff-we’ll get it set up and working for you.


  • Organize window coverings in Rooms or Scenes

  • Automatic operation in groups or individually

  • Activate Scenes at specific times or at sunrise/dusk

  • Remote operation from phone, tablet or laptop

  • Remote Connect feature offers control from anywhere there’s internet access

Pebble Remote Control

Pebble Remote Control for PowerView Motorization Motorized Window Treatments near Kent & Maple Valley, Washington (WA)This remote control is ergonomically designed, comes in a variety of colors and fits in the palm of your hand.  It allows you to control all your window coverings with 1 remote so it’s easier to open, close or adjust window coverings with one control.

Pebble Scene Controller

A separate remote allows for more opportunities as you can set up and choose any of your pre-programed personalized settings (also called Scenes).  Many of our customers use this controller in adjacent with the app.

Benefits of a Motorized Operating System

Solutions for Hard to Reach Windows

This can be difficult because it permits glare and allows heat to build up in summer months.  In addition, harsh UV rays from the sun can cause damage by fading furniture and floors.   Installing motorized shades or blinds (also called electric blinds) are an excellent solution to these problems.

Any Style

Pugerudes can outfit almost any shade or window covering with a motorized system and depends on the type and number of coverings you want to control. Automated systems can raise and lower shades and blinds while others move window coverings from side to side or rotate louvers.

2 Ways to Power

1. Battery power is the most popular and most economical method; however, batteries must be changed periodically.  The battery pack is tucked behind the headrail so it’s unnoticeable from the front.  FYI-most PowerView® motorized window treatments are battery-powered.

2. Hard-wired shades are connected directly to 110 volt power so while no maintenance is necessary, there is additional cost and planning for the electrical wiring work necessary.  A benefit of hard-wiring is synchronicity of operation when multiple shades are placed in the same area.

Remote Controls

A handheld remote control for easy adjustments no matter where you are in the room.

Wall-mounted remote controls are useful if you have a tendency to lose remote controls.