When the weather takes a turn here in the Northwest, you’ll likely be looking for any way to keep your home cozy and warm. Unfortunately, relying just on your heating system can cause your energy bills to soar. The same also happens during the summer, when leaving your air conditioning running results in sky high energy usage. Even though your home is likely well-insulated, much of your energy is lost through your windows since they essentially make up large chunks of your walls that have no insulation. To help keep your energy bills low, and to enhance your home style, choose custom energy-efficient shades from Hunter Douglas.


Duette® Honeycomb Shades


At first glance, these shades simply look like stylish and chic window shades with a subtle hint of texture. However, Duette® Honeycomb Shades are designed to provide insulation for your windows through a series of hexagonal fabric cells that prevent air transfer by your windows. These cells run along the whole structure of your shades, creating the honeycomb shape. The result is a set of shades that will keep your home comfortable throughout all seasons without relying heavily on your air conditioning and heating systems.


You can choose the available Duette Architella® feature to double up on the insulating effects with a second layer of honeycombs inside. You can fit these shades on just about any window shape as well, including side-to-side openings with the Vertiglide™ operating system. In addition, these shades are also ideal for keeping your bedroom dark at night. The available LightLock™ feature uses a clever series of side panels to block all light from entering your bedroom. You can customize your energy-efficient shades by choosing from a variety of fabrics, colors, and opacities.


Solera® Soft Shades


If you prefer a different style for your energy-efficient shades, you can choose the Solera® Soft Shades from Hunter Douglas. This collection of custom cellular shades takes the form of a Roman Shade, with large hanging fabric cells with an angled front end. This elegant design creates a soft feel that’s perfect for rooms like living rooms and bedrooms. You can also adjust these cellular Roman Shades from the top up or bottom down for more flexible light control. Customize these shades by choosing from a large selection of fabrics, colors, and opacities.


Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


This sleek and stylish collection of energy-efficient shades provides easy operation thanks to the roller shade design. As you unroll your shades to lower them, you can watch the insulating fabric cells open up, creating a soft look for your windows. The curved shape of the cells also provides soft light for your home by dispersing filtered sunlight through your home. This collection of custom cellular shades is available in plenty of fabric choices, colors, and opacities.

Here at Pugerudes, we are proud to offer plenty of great options for custom energy-efficient shades from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Kent, WA and offer our services to Auburn, Federal Way, Renton, Maple Valley, Black Diamond, Newcastle, Burien, Enumclaw, Covington, and Des Moines. Visit our showroom today to find the right energy-efficient shades for your home!