Residents of Washington benefit from beautiful natural scenery all year long with each season adding something special to enjoy. However, the location far up north ends up creating some pronounced seasonal extremes when it comes to how long the days are during the summer and winter. This effect can end up throwing off your natural sleep cycle and making it difficult to fall asleep at the times you want. One of the best ways to help yourself sleep better at night is by installing blackout shades that create a dark environment for you to sleep in.

Hunter Douglas offers various collections of shades that offer available great options for blackout shades as well. These blackout shades can be beneficial during all seasons since a dark room is always beneficial for sleep. This is because environments with no light trigger your brain to release chemicals that make you feel sleepy at night. Even low light situations won’t entirely achieve this effect; having shades that truly blackout light in your room will give you the best chance at falling asleep quickly and getting a full night’s sleep.

Hunter Douglas shades are available with features that effectively turn them into full blackout shades. The Designer Roller Shades collection is designed to offer the smallest light gap in the industry, already offering optimal shade during all hours of the day and great light control. You can attach a liner to this shade in order to make them block out all the light entering your room at night. These shades also offer beautiful style to your home with their sleek and sophisticated design.

Hunter Douglas offers numerous ways to customize these shades to fit your home while elevating the beauty of each room, including picking your color, fabric, and pattern. Another great choice for Hunter Douglas blackout shades is choosing from the various selections of Roman Shades. While Hunter Douglas Roman Shades are great with an attached liner, using the available Duolite® feature allows you to add the elegant look of Roman shades with added flexibility in terms of light control. The Duolite® feature is an independent liner that lowers behind the shade, allowing for both a light filtering opacity and a blackout shade on one window.

The Duette® Honeycomb Cellular Shades collection is another great option for blackout shades. The design uses hexagonal cells to trap air by your windows for an energy-saving insulation effect. The available LightLock™ feature uses an innovative design in the side channels to block any light from peeking through. These shades are also stylish and easy to use, making them a great option all year long.

At Pugerudes, we want you to have the best night’s sleep while also enjoying beautifully styled shades in your home, which is why we offer blackout shades from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Kent, WA and serve the entire Greater Seattle area, including Auburn, Federal Way, Renton (including Fairwood Community), Maple Valley, Black Diamond, Normandy Park, Newcastle, Covington, and Des Moines. We hope to see you in our showroom soon!