When planning your office space for your business, the way your workspace looks certainly matters. Having the right atmosphere can help create a healthy work culture, boost employee morale, and help optimize productivity. One major component of your office to pay attention to is your windows. Choosing the right window treatments will go a long way in making you workspace ideal for working each day and chasing those profits. And when you choose custom blinds from Hunter Douglas, you’ll have plenty of amazing options to choose from.


EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds


Running an office means having to find good-quality supplies while staying on a budget. In that pursuit, choosing faux wood blinds is a great idea. If you go with the wrong faux wood blinds, however, the end result can look kind of cheap unfortunately. But when you choose custom faux wood blinds, you’ll get affordable office window treatments that look sleek, modern, and anything but cheap. The vinyl material used to make the blinds offers sturdiness and rigidity, offering a reliable window treatment option that will last for years. You can customize these blinds by choosing from a variety of paint colors or realistic wood grain patterns.


Parkland® Wood Blinds


While finding a good balance of style, practicality, and affordability is important for office blinds, there are also opportunities to make certain offices stand out. Some meeting rooms and offices might be reserved for some of the most important meetings with key business partners, making it more important to leave a good impression. For these rooms in your office, having custom wood blinds can be the perfect way to add a feeling of sophistication and warmth. The Parkland® Wood Blinds offer genuine quality that’s clear to see, making them ideal for your most important office spaces. You can customize them by choosing from a wide range of stylish stain colors and solid paint options. Additionally, you can choose from different slat sizes for your optimal level of shade.


Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds


Add a sleek and clean touch to your office windows by choosing custom metal blinds. The Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds from Hunter Douglas are durable and economical blinds that offer a unique look for your office. You can choose different textures for your blinds, including matte and fully reflective. Additionally, you’ll have lots of exciting color options to choose from as well.


Each collection of custom office blinds is available with the unique de-Light™ system, a feature that gets rid of cord holes, so light doesn’t peek through and reflect off computer screens. This system also adds to the clean and crisp look of your custom office shutters.

Here at Pugerudes, we are proud to offer the best custom office blinds for Maple Valley, WA from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Kent, WA and offer our services to Auburn, Federal Way, Renton, Maple Valley, Black Diamond, Newcastle, Burien, Enumclaw, Covington, and Des Moines. Visit our showroom to find the perfect custom office blinds for your business!