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David Kramer
Apr 3, 2013

Roman Shade Design Ideas For Your Renton or Kent Home

I was remiss in my last post about fabric for window treatments because I neglected the all important category – Roman Shades!!  History of roman shades

Why Roman, is this what Julius Cesar used to cover his windows?  Well, according to legend, in the days of the Roman Gladiators, the heat would become burdensome  so large fabric awnings would be unfolded and supported on poles to provide shading for spectators.

When not in use, the shades would be folded back much like today’s modern window shadings are.

In this post I hope to share a few ideas about roman shade design ideas that can help you with your next decorating project in your Kent, Renton or Covington home.

Flat roman shades

Roman Shade designs come in a variety of styles and an almost unlimited number of styles.   The most basic of which is the flat roman shade.  Flat romans provide a clean appearance.  They are great in a contemporary room setting.

They are great for showcasing a beautiful fabrics.  They can be embellished with decorative tapes, or trims such as the one below.

Flat roman shades have a nice appearance when open.  They tend not to require as much stack space as some other roman styles however, they usually require some dressing to get the folds looking nice and consistent when raised.

Simple Flat Roman Shade

Roded roman shade

A twist on the flat roman is  roded roman shade. This is my personal favorite.  It adds visual interest.  It adds a layer of texture to the shade, and is a more custom look.  The roded roman shade tends to fold up better than flat romans.

They can be made quite wide without vertical seams and with a good sewer, pattern repeats can be matched for the ultimate in custom appearance.

Roded roman with matching valance

Hobbled roman shade

The third style is the hobbled roman shade.  This traditional look is the most custom of all styles of roman shades.  With its rolled pleats it requires more fabric that other styles, but dresses a window with a flourish!

Hobbled roman shades do occupy more space at the top of the window when open, but don’t require any kind of valance or top treatment.

Because of the rolled pleats the hobbled roman shade provides great texture to a room.

Subtle prints and textures are great fabric choices for hobbled roman shades.

Hobbled Roman Shade

 Woven wood roman shades

Grass weaves and woven woods are popular fabric choices for woven woods.  Natural materials are always popular in themed rooms and add an element of casual comfort that is hard to pass up.

Woven Wood Roman shade in Kitchen


Roman shades offer many options

The roman shade continues to evolve.  Features such as automation, cordless lifting, and top down designs provide design options that make the roman shade more versatile than ever before. The ability to add independent privacy liners and and room darkening liners offer even more options that make the roman shade a great option for bedrooms.

Roman Shade with top down feature

Only limited by your imagination!

It seems that the only limits to custom roman shades is our imagination!  I hope that we have provided some help in coming up with roman shade design ideas.  For a stylish way to cover any window, consider the roman shade!